Marrikel launches reinsurance broking platform

July 2020


Marrikel has launched its web-based reinsurance placement platform and signed its first broker licensee. The platform enables brokers to manage the entire reinsurance transaction-flow, integrating multiple concurrent placement strands from marketing through to digital execution.

Placements can include the most complex auctions, as well as firm-order-terms, private deals and indicative bidding. Auctions can be tailored to buyers’ requirements, with customisable constraints and verticalized or Dutch placement options.

Other highlights include fine-grained access control, NDA workflow, integrated data rooms, entity management and “offline” quoting.

The platform captures and fully audits the placement process and related workflow. Broker workflow is managed across transactions within team structures. A dashboard summarises the status of all placements and enables entire portfolios to be managed on a single screen.

Frederik Eloff, founding partner of Marrikel commented “We are delighted to be launching our platform. We enable brokers of all sizes to efficiently manage the most complex transactions, while enabling real-time collaboration within teams and across businesses.”

Marrikel was founded by Frederik Eloff and James Karim in 2018 with a commitment to increasing the efficiency and transparency of reinsurance transactions and providing greater choice to reinsurance buyers.

James Karim remarked “We are looking forward to working with our first licensee and other brokers to deliver the highest level of service to their clients. Marrikel frees brokers up to focus on their advisory relationships, where they add greatest value.”